MDHTA RTP Projects Featured in ND Parks and Rec Video

Recreational Trails Program projects on the Maah Daah Hey Trail were highlighted in the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department’s Miles and Moments videos. Curt Glasoe, MDHTA President, discusses with Char Langhaug, Grants Coordinator for ND Parks and Recreation Department, how the Association is using RTP grants to make the trail sustainable through proper design (engineering) and surfacing.

In another video Rob Schilling, USDA Forest Service, former Recreation Program Manager Little Missouri Grassland, discusses how RTP money was used to build the Buffalo Gap Trailhead near the Buffalo Gap Campground.

The following link to YouTube will take you to these videos as well as other videos of RTP grant recipient projects. Hope you find these interesting, with your support more can be done to keep the MDHT legendary.

Miles and Moments:

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