Park in Trailhead Parking South of Medora!

The US Forest Service has issued an warning to MDHT users to please park in trailhead parking south of Medora rather than along the East River Road. See the notice below.

The Maah Daah Hey Trail offers scenic views and a premier outdoor experience for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding enthusiasts.
We want your memories of public lands to last a lifetime and we want those memories to be happy ones! One key to achieving those life-long happy memories is Safety!
Using the Maah Daah Hey trail system often involves crossing roads that are utilized by heavy trucks, as in the case of East River Road represented on the map and in the photos below.
We have witnessed, or been made aware of instances when users are ignoring the “No Parking”, “No Loitering”, and/or “No Unloading” signs in areas where visibility is hindered. Often, users will stop their vehicles in order to unload their horses or equipment at the area on the map indicated with the blue arrow. This is an extremely dangerous place to stop your vehicle as there is no pull-out to safely do so. There is often large truck traffic in this particular area and accidents could be catastrophic.
Please utilize the many trailheads along the Maah Daah Hey to load/unload your horses/equipment for your safety and the safety of others. This can help ensure that your adventures on the grasslands are happy ones!

Will Horneman
Lead Trails Technician
US Forest Service
Dakota Prairie Grasslands

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