2016 Trails Day – A Great Day, A Great Success!

The 2016 Trails Day headquartered out of the Third Creek Trail Head drew 42 hard working folks from western as well as central North Dakota. Response from the volunteers was so good that all of the gravel used to surface the trail that day was spread by 10:30 am and an additional half mile of trail was cut and cleaned ready for gravel before volunteers adjourned for lunch under the shade of large cottonwood trees and a canopy at the Third Creek Trail Head. MDHTA provided lunch to all participants. Everyone received a Trails Day T-shirt courtesy of the USFS. Credit needs to be given to the Mitzels for arranging, organizing and getting the catered lunch to the remote location, the Mayers for arranging for the use and transportation of a power wheel barrow and Greg Morel, USFS Trails Manager for organizing and supervising the work for the day. Excellent weather, volunteers, and meal made the day a great success! Plan to participate in the 2017 Trails Day event. Put Saturday June 3 on your calendar.

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