National Trails Day on the MDHT – June 4

This is the 23rd year that the Maah Daah Hey Trail Association (MDHTA) and the USDA Forest Service will be hosting a celebration of National Trails Day on the Maah Daah Hey Trail System. This year’s project will be surfacing Trail in the Andrews Creek area near the West River Road located west of Medora. Participants will help with surfacing approximately 1,000 feet of trail (this is part of the Buffalo Gap Trail Restoration Project RTP 2.65-mile 2022 project) in an area where users have created casual trails that have eroded creating problems of braiding and degradation of the area. Also, use of the trail in this area is expected to significantly increase due to the construction of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library. Surfacing the trail in these areas encourages users to stay on the trail especially after rain events when un-surfaced trails are muddy and slick. Also surfacing requires less annual maintenance such as mowing and repairing gullies. It is time for all our members, friends, volunteers, outdoor enthusiasts, trail lovers, and those new to the outdoors to give back to trails and pay it forward by introducing someone new to the outdoors. Individuals and groups interested in participating in this year’s program should contact Curt Glasoe, President MDHTA at 701-260-9459 or email him at with your attendee numbers.  This will help us to plan for enough food, drinks, tools, equipment, and trail prizes for all who attend. Attendees interested in participating should plan on meeting just south of Andrews Creek on West River Road west of Medora. Directions from I-94 Exit 24 (west Medora Exit) travel west 1 mile on I-94 to Exit 23 (west River Road). Turn south and go about one mile west on Old US 10 (asphalt surfaced) to West River Road. Turn south (left) on West River Road (gravel) and go 0.4 miles. You will cross the RR tracks and then a bridge over Andrews Creek and then you will see an approach on the left. Meet at that location. Destination coordinates are given on the map. Travel time from Medora is about 5 minutes. The event begins at 9 am and concludes by 3 pm MDT. Ticks can be an issue this time of the year so bring your repellent, dress appropriately for conditions, and bring your work gloves. Check our website for any changes in any details at or follow us on Facebook. Participants will receive a free lunch and an opportunity to win trail merchandise provided by MDHTA.

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