To protect volunteers working on MDHTA sponsored activities on the trail, the MDHTA will use guidelines directed by the Governor’s Office of the State of North Dakota.

Any volunteers who will be working on projects associated with the MDHT will be provided the following list of guidelines and requirements:

A. Volunteers will be asked to adhere to the 6’ “distancing” between workers while on projects. The exception will be if families are working in the same area, they will not need to social distance.

B. Groups will be limited to 10 individuals. Each group will assigned an individual to ensure proper measures are taken to adhere to safe health standards.

C. Volunteers will be asked to travel separately to work areas and not “group up” into vehicles when accessing work areas.

D. Tools used will be sanitized prior to dispensing to volunteers. Volunteers will be asked to stay with specific tools during a work day. If tools change hands, they will be sanitized prior to the exchange. Anyone bringing their own tools will be required to keep them to themselves.

E. Volunteers will be advised to verify their health situation, travel history etc prior to coming to a project work day.

F. Any volunteer may be asked to leave a project site if a MDHTA board of director member believes they may be a health concern.

G. Volunteers will be advised of the status of USFS campground/developed site restrictions which are in place.

The MDHTA believes using this guidelines along with working in the outdoors will be mutually beneficial by getting people into the outdoors doing physical work while benefiting the shared trail enhancement objectives by the MDHTA and the USFS

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