Directions to MDHT Trails Day Event – June 4, 2016

If you are fortunate to have GPS Navigation in your vehicle the following coordinates are for the Third Creek Trailhead Parking area: 46.63029, -103.39671. If you are like me refer to your National Grasslands map as well as the map in this post. Also the following directions may be of help along with your map. Allow extra time as gravel roads require lower speeds.

From the Belfield/I-94 Exit 42. Drive south on Hwy 85, 21.5 miles.Turn west (signed Grassland access) on FS 769 and go 12 miles to trailhead.

From Medora. Turn south on East River Raod about 22 miles to FS767. Turn east 2 miles to intersection of FS 7691 and FS 769. Take FS 769 (its the road to the right) to the trailhead.

If you have driven in the badlands before you know that roads will travel down canyons and around hills. If you get lost try calling my cell number 701-300-3315. I think I have cell coverage at the Third Creek Trailhead parking lot. – Roger Ashley

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